In the 1980s, Pegah’s Kitchen founder Fred Soleimani began his restaurant journey with a dishwashing gig to make ends meet as he attended Arkansas State University. Fred quickly excelled in the restaurant and was promoted to a cook before being promoted again to a manager. This is where Fred used his management skills to run a restaurant like a well-oiled machine. Aside from the great food, Fred was the driving force behind his staff’s exceptional customer service. Although he graduated with a degree in engineering, Fred decided he loved the restaurant business so much that he wanted to stick with it.

Eventually, Fred was able to open his very own restaurant in 1991 in the Kansas City metro area. He named his restaurants after his only daughter, Pegah, which means "dawn" or "very early morning." Very fitting for a breakfast spot. His knowledge in the kitchen paired with his customer service mind-set quickly made his restaurant a favorite in town! He went on to open a total of 6 restaurants in Kansas City throughout the years. In 2012, Fred decided to sell his remaining locations in Kansas City and move out west to San Diego. In 2014, the first Pegah’s Kitchen in California was born in San Marcos! A year later, in 2015, a location in Escondido was opened. Most recently, in 2017, a third location was opened in Vista.

The three locations in northern San Diego County have been kept all in the family. Fred’s wife, Sara, manages and runs the San Marcos location. Fred’s son, Nima, manages and runs the Escondido location. And Fred himself manages and runs the Vista location. The family strives to carry on the traditions that has made Pegah’s Kitchen such a big hit for nearly 30 years. These traditions include fresh homemade food, top-notch customer service, and a clean, well-kept restaurant for our customers to enjoy. We thank all of our incredible customers, especially our regulars, for supporting your family-owned and run Pegah’s Kitchen!